Welcome to my website. Like my books, it’s a work in process. You are invited to cruise through the pages to get to know me and my work. You will notice that my book isn’t listed here. Right now my first novel has been submitted to a contest, and I can’t talk publically about it until the results are announced. The working title is The Parking Lot Cafe; not the title I submitted it under. This will be the first in a three book series, including the upcoming Designs for Nora, and Jen’s Fit for Anything (working titles).

I’d be glad to connect via email to discuss, KHRichardson5@gmail.com.

Let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter, @KHRWriter.

While I have a writing blog here, be sure and check out KK’s Candor, my personal blog. This is where I share “slice of life” posts; everything from encouraging messages, to adventures I’ve been on. When you stop by, please choose to follow it.