your dinner

The doctor said the aquarium would help Fred relax. Having it set up in his office with fish he enjoyed. Some he had seen on diving trips. aquarium_care_03Yea, diving trips. Maybe watching the fish swim just reminded him of too many things.



boy and puppy

The day Spike came home was the first time in a month Joey had smiled.


bride and groomTheir day had been seventy-five degrees and sunny. Beautiful. Christine spent the day feeling like a princess. She and Paul had prayed together the night before for peace and joy on their wedding day. The sadness from the funeral earlier in the week had taken a backseat to their day. Before they disappeared to the honeymoon suite they took a walk on the beach. Their conversation was quiet, they had to remember him on this day.


10 things

forest-path2Tina loves autumn. The trees and their color change always stirred her heart to want to slow down. The smell of damp leaves and the crisp crunch under her feet as she swept the sidewalk reminded her that change was in the air.