August 30th

Dear Mag,

Sorry it took me a while to write. I know you love letters; hopefully our phone calls help. I settled into my classes this week. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing seemed completely foreign. An MBA is going to be just a deeper dive from the undergraduate work I did in business.

Mark and Steve are going to be fine for rooming. Their work-loads are as much or more than mine. I’m glad we got the three bedroom apartment, between school and work and Mark has labs too we are going to be on crazy schedules. Haven’t figured out which one of us will be the tidy one; ask me again in a month when we’ve had a chance to really get settled.

Mag, I do love you so much. Thank you for being supportive of this school thing. I know we will be better off with all of our education taken care of. Our future will have a stronger start if we are out of college and start careers.

Have you gotten settled at school? Tell me all about it. I’m looking forward to Labor day weekend and our time together. Is Jen coming to the lake?

Take care. Love,