December 10th

Dear Maggie,

Hey there, how are you doing? Dad called tonight. Seemed a little weird that he would call; he rarely calls. He really didn’t have much to say. We just talked about my school and his work. Guess being semi-retired has him a little restless. He will find something to fill his time and energy.

Mark doesn’t have anywhere to go for Christmas so I think he’s coming home with me. His parents are going to Hawaii for the holidays to celebrate their 30th anniversary and he doesn’t want to go to his sister’s.

This weekend is our last one before HELL week. We’re going to rent all of the Star Wars movies and do a marathon Friday night. I’m thinking a lot of pizza and chips will be consumed…

I will be home on the 18th for Christmas break. Looking forward to being in the same town with you for a few weeks. I have to be back on January 5th to get ready for classes.

Enough about me. Tell me about you. What’s going on with spring auditions?

I love you.