Wednesday — the week is half over and you’ve written less than half your weekly goal. See if this prompt helps get you started then take off on your own work.

chain linkRaffy was big, and slobbered a lot. His fur had to be brushed once a week or the knots were impossible. Freddie was in charge of his new pet. The rules were he had to be played with and walked once a day and fed twice a day. If Raffy was left in the yard he had to be hooked to the chain. There was enough room for him to still walk around. Mrs. Shouse next door had promised a frying pan up the side of “the mutt’s” head if he ever came over to her yard. She was scary with her crackled voice. Freddie did well with the rules and loved Raffy like crazy. Yesterday afternoon while he did his homework, Freddie put Raffy out on his chain. Just before dinner he went to get the dog and found nothing but the chain, cut! Raffy was gone!