In the spirit of summer vacation, July and August Writing Prompt Wednesdays will have a traveling theme. See what you can do with each of these.

air-travelMandy stood at the luggage counter trying to get the lady’s attention. She did everything short of yelling, “hey lady.” The flight was long and bumpy. Now her luggage wasn’t to be found at baggage claim. Rex walked up to the counter with his brown wavy hair and standing just over six foot tall. He cleared his voice and the chick behind the counter hung up the phone to attend to him. Mandy was about ready to explode when Rex spoke, “Yes mam, it seems our luggage didn’t make it and we need to have you look into it. This lady was here before me.” He’d done this before and had the looks to get the attention. His manners were groomed well enough for him to let Mandy go first. Surprising.