Besides my writing prompts, I’ve not done a lot of writing in the last two months. Ironic isn’t it that I’m prompting others every week. What I have done is get lost in some really great books.  Tonight I finished the last one in the stack.


I have ideas for plot and blogs, but when I go to write, the words, the tone and cadance don’t come. Flat — empty — nada. It’s August, if I don’t get on it, I’m not going to come close to my annual word count goal.

So, while there are too many books to read and so little time, I declare tonight that I am not going to start another new book for one month — September 20th. And I’m going to write something everyday — even if it’s only glub, glub on a page. Words are going to flow. They may not be pretty. They may not be smooth, but there will be words on a page.

Are you with me?