As we have discussed before, I’m a writer who reads. I don’t understand writers who don’t. There is much to be learned about our craft from reading. This year, I have ventured out of my standard and safe fiction genre to read some non-fiction, business and mystery. I’ve read critically acclaimed novels and some very light and fluffy stories.

Here’s what I’ve learned — award-winning does not mean it’s a good story, it just means someone with credentials decided it was well written. Think about it, there’s a difference. I won’t mention titles, because I realize this is my opinion. You may have loved the book.

I’ve also learned that I do not enjoy novels written in first person. Ugh, they are tiresome to read. First person does not let the reader choose which character he or she will most relate to. It’s difficult to relate to other characters because you are never allowed inside their head. Thoughts or feelings are revealed from the first person’s reaction or observations.

The most recent book I read changed point of view every other chapter from first person to third person. It was ok, but many times the author retold the previous scene from first person. And I was a little disappointed each time I turned to the next chapter that was first person. The story was good. But unlike other books I’ve read, I didn’t miss the characters the day after I finished.

Those are a few thoughts on first person point of view. What are yours?


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