Two little words that pack a powerful punch. The end. It is complete. The story and the characters have come full circle. Or at least the author has worked very hard to make that happen. The author toils and sweats over when these last two words need to be written. Tens of thousands of words later, has enough been written for the reader to fall in love with the characters? Has the reader found some relatability to the plot? Will the reader miss the characters as much as the author who birthed them?

Recently, I wrote those two little words. They came after three complete rewrites of the entire book, printing the manuscript and reading each page, each line looking for errors or holes. The moment I turned the last page and realized it was as clean as I could make it. The story was complete; the protagonist had a resolution, it felt great to type THE END. I completed what I set out to do.

The next day I began to outline the next book in the series. Such is the writer’s life.

The end — for now.