Call me old, but when I was first learning to write it was all about the hand written draft, the rewrites, multiple sheets of paper wadded up and flung on the floor and then typing the manuscript when you had your final. Ok, so I’m not ancient, my first writing class was in the mid- 1980’s. With technology I have moved forward to a desktop computer with Microsoft Word, a then onto a laptop with the same and now even with Dropbox and a keyboard I can use my ipad.

To create my piece, I use my computer. When I’m working on my book, I have a notebook I keep handy that keeps my notes, scene listsĀ and reminders. Yes, I still have pen and paper in my writing process. I’m considering taking the next giant step forward and purchasing Scriverner software. My goal is to have my book ready by next winter for a contest.

My concerns for changing my methods are:

1. I’m not sure I want to go through the learning curve right now?

2. Will I get hung up with all the bells and whistles and not get my writing done?

3. Will it be the system that’s right for me?

4. Paper, pen and typing a manuscript or article out has worked for so many successful authors, why should I make this change?

Help a writer out here. Give me your thoughts on the matter. What do you us?



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