October 8th

Dearest Dan,

I miss you like crazy! My morning class was cancelled so I didn’t have a class until one. I ran home yesterday afternoon and spent the night to do some time with mom. She was glad to see me. We went out to dinner and caught up on the family news. She asked about you. Of course, she still doesn’t believe we will make it through school. The lack of support is overwhelming…J Overall, our time together was fine, it’s just a little uncomfortable because I never know when she’s going to turn on me.

I’m back on campus and working toward getting as much class work done as possible. This advanced character acting class is a killer. Sounds a little soft compared to your business management and operations classes. Go ahead and laugh, I know what you are thinking…J Jen wants to meet for dinner so I want to get a few things done before going.

Auditions for the spring play at the campus playhouse are next week. I’m going to read for a part, but also talk to them about stage manager. I love the theatre, but not sure I’m the right fit for the musical they are doing – Grease. The most singing I’ve done of “Summer Nights” involved a hairbrush and mirror. So, the best we can hope for is a chorus part and stage manager.

Take care, sweetie. I love you and miss you like crazy.




P.S. – there’s a big Halloween party on campus on the 30th, think you can make it?