November 21st

Dearest Dan,

This is hard! I know you are working and studying, but I miss you. Let’s face it; Jen can only do so much to distract me when I’m not at the restaurant or studying. It’s you I am lonely for. I just keep praying that this is all worth it. Someday, we will be together in the same town.

Thanksgiving is next week. Mom wants us to eat with the family Thursday at two. Does that work with you and your dad? I’m looking forward to his “world famous” turkey. Let me know.

Finished my mid-term exams last week; they were a BEAR! I hate taking exams. So glad the field I’ll be working in doesn’t require a certification exam. Jen met me for dinner. She’s added a new hot yoga class to her yoga choices. Not sure if this one will stick, think it’s more about the guy who leads it, then the form.

Call me if you can this weekend so we finalize holiday plans. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! I’m trying to be patient.

Love you,



October 8th

Dearest Dan,

I miss you like crazy! My morning class was cancelled so I didn’t have a class until one. I ran home yesterday afternoon and spent the night to do some time with mom. She was glad to see me. We went out to dinner and caught up on the family news. She asked about you. Of course, she still doesn’t believe we will make it through school. The lack of support is overwhelming…J Overall, our time together was fine, it’s just a little uncomfortable because I never know when she’s going to turn on me.

I’m back on campus and working toward getting as much class work done as possible. This advanced character acting class is a killer. Sounds a little soft compared to your business management and operations classes. Go ahead and laugh, I know what you are thinking…J Jen wants to meet for dinner so I want to get a few things done before going.

Auditions for the spring play at the campus playhouse are next week. I’m going to read for a part, but also talk to them about stage manager. I love the theatre, but not sure I’m the right fit for the musical they are doing – Grease. The most singing I’ve done of “Summer Nights” involved a hairbrush and mirror. So, the best we can hope for is a chorus part and stage manager.

Take care, sweetie. I love you and miss you like crazy.




P.S. – there’s a big Halloween party on campus on the 30th, think you can make it?

September 20th

Dearest Dan,

That is so funny ‘cause Jen talked about Mark all the way home. Maybe opposites attract???  I know you’re thinking, “Don’t get involved…”

My roommate came back heartbroken. Evidently she caught him cheating. He didn’t know she was coming home for the holiday. He didn’t answer his phone so she went over there walked in to find he and some chick cuddled on the couch. She said it got ugly from there and after yelling and throwing a few things at him she walked out. He didn’t try to call her, so she’s upset. I tried to be as sympathetic as possible, but the guy’s a LOSER.

So here we are with a holiday past and now I need to focus in on class work. It took me a couple of days after getting back to settle into the semester work. I spent some time making my list and time out the project deadlines to be sure I get everything done.

I love you and miss you so much. Sometimes it’s hard to study because thoughts of you invade. Sounds kinda cheesy, but it’s true. It feels like the three weeks until I see you are so far away. Please call me when you can. I know we have to be careful about the long distance charges, but hearing your voice always helps.

Take care of yourself. Love you,



September 10th

Dear Dan,

Oh my, I feel like I got a full dose of time with you last weekend! The lake was a blast and I completely enjoyed meeting your roommates, Mark and Steve. You have my approval to live with them (I know you three were worried). Let them know that next time we will be ready to cream them in spades! Jen said to tell you all she had fun and thanks for the invite.

Tell your dad thanks for letting us “drop in” on him and his cabin.  Not sure his holiday was all that relaxing with the five of us there. Hopefully we didn’t scare all the fish awayJ. He has done some amazing work on the cabin, it is much more comfortable than the last time we were there.

Mom, of course wasn’t pleased with me for not coming home and going to grandmother’s with her. I’ll have to run home for a night next weekend; started my job at the mall so I’ll work part of the weekend.

Thank you for all of your encouragement about school and finishing. I will start getting my resume together and feelers out on jobs. It’d be great to walk out of graduation and into a job. As much as I would love to find something there, I’m going to look in both places to give me more options.

Off to do laundry and read a few hundred pages. I love you sweetie. You are never far from my heart or thoughts.



August 15th

Dear Dan,

You left only hours ago, but it feels like days. I know grad school is only two years, but at this moment in my heart it might as well be an eternity. I know you are only 100 miles away, but not having you across town it feels like you are a world away. I miss you, sweetie, can you tellJ.

Mom and I got into it tonight. I have got to learn to not get sucked into her drunken moments of fury.  She said some pretty mean things about you and our long distance relationship. I just have to steer clear for another week before I head for school. I am so ready to be done with college.

Enough whining, tell me your news. How are the roommates? Will they be as focused as you on their studies? Either of them gamers? Of the three of you, who’s going to be the Felix? Cause I know it’s not going to be you…J.

I’m headed out with Jen tonight. She’s trying to convince me that yoga is the answer to all my stress. Do I seem over stressed to you?

I love you and am counting the days until I can give the kisses on this page in person.


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