Sept. 30th

Dear Mag,

Great, all I need is you to have a roommate who is heartbroken. Promise me you won’t start getting all weird about us while you listen to HER cheating boyfriend. I AM NOT THAT GUY. You and I are working toward being together forever, right? Yes, being at different schools is hard. Just keep praying and letting me know if you have questions or reservations. I love you and am in this for the duration!

Classes are getting more intense. But at least finance seems to come easily. I’m thinking banking as an industry. What do you think? In the spring they will be recruiting on campus. My counselor suggested I plan to do a few interviews. With another year to go, he wants me to have the experience of a corporate interview.

Our work group is planning an all-day session in the library on Saturday to finish an econ project. Last weekend only half of us showed up. There are two guys in our group who tend to go out on Friday nights and either blow us off or show up hung over. We will get it done, but working in a group is hard; and I worry ‘cause I want the A.

Babe, got to run. I love you and miss you. I will call when I can.

Love you,


Sept. 16th

Dear Maggie,

Dad was thrilled to have all of us land at his cabin. As much as he likes living alone, he said it was fun for the weekend to have all the noise and activity around. I didn’t remember that Labor Day was the time that they learned of mom’s illness. He remembers all those key dates and he misses her.

Hope Jen had fun. Mark thought she was a scream! She is so opposite of him and his scientific mind. He’s still trying to try and figure out how she thinks. All the way home Mark talked about her and Steve just shook his head and told him to give up; he would never understand a woman’s mind, much less one like Jen’s.

Listen, have to close and run to class. I love you.


September 10th

Dear Dan,

Oh my, I feel like I got a full dose of time with you last weekend! The lake was a blast and I completely enjoyed meeting your roommates, Mark and Steve. You have my approval to live with them (I know you three were worried). Let them know that next time we will be ready to cream them in spades! Jen said to tell you all she had fun and thanks for the invite.

Tell your dad thanks for letting us “drop in” on him and his cabin.  Not sure his holiday was all that relaxing with the five of us there. Hopefully we didn’t scare all the fish awayJ. He has done some amazing work on the cabin, it is much more comfortable than the last time we were there.

Mom, of course wasn’t pleased with me for not coming home and going to grandmother’s with her. I’ll have to run home for a night next weekend; started my job at the mall so I’ll work part of the weekend.

Thank you for all of your encouragement about school and finishing. I will start getting my resume together and feelers out on jobs. It’d be great to walk out of graduation and into a job. As much as I would love to find something there, I’m going to look in both places to give me more options.

Off to do laundry and read a few hundred pages. I love you sweetie. You are never far from my heart or thoughts.



I write, therefore I am a writer.  However, I am most looking forward to being an author, published and paid.  My novel, The Parking Lot Cafe, is in the process of re-writes and edits.  Stay tuned, before their story begins, Maggie and Dan have several letters to share.

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