girl wantsAs an author working on completing my first novel I have been reading first or early novels of other authors in the same genre. This exercise has allowed me to experience other authors, some of which are now widely read, in the early state of their craft. This exercise has been encouraging to me in my own writing. I have learned more about showing not telling and I’ve seen that in some situations the first novels can be pretty rough. Nonetheless, I admire these authors for foraging the way for those of us just getting started. Other lessons I’ve learned are how to write a character and working in subplots. Thorn-in-My-Heart

The authors I have read include, Kristin Billerbeck, Victoria Bylin, Betty Thomason Owens, JoAnn Durgin, Francine Rivers, Lynn Austin, Liz Curtis Higgs, Ann Gabhart, Julie Lessman and Susan Gloss. Many of these authors are considered to be faith-based or Christian. I assure you their stories are just as intriguing as secular authors in the same genre. Romance doesn’t need to be completely shown for the innuendo to be felt by the reader. Comedy book-prelude-largedoesn’t have to be someone’s expense to be hilarious. Greed and selfishness don’t have to fall into Gordon Gekko style to create intrigue.

Choose one of these or your favorite author or genre and look up their first published book. Read it and see what you think. Let me know.


November 21st

Dearest Dan,

This is hard! I know you are working and studying, but I miss you. Let’s face it; Jen can only do so much to distract me when I’m not at the restaurant or studying. It’s you I am lonely for. I just keep praying that this is all worth it. Someday, we will be together in the same town.

Thanksgiving is next week. Mom wants us to eat with the family Thursday at two. Does that work with you and your dad? I’m looking forward to his “world famous” turkey. Let me know.

Finished my mid-term exams last week; they were a BEAR! I hate taking exams. So glad the field I’ll be working in doesn’t require a certification exam. Jen met me for dinner. She’s added a new hot yoga class to her yoga choices. Not sure if this one will stick, think it’s more about the guy who leads it, then the form.

Call me if you can this weekend so we finalize holiday plans. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! I’m trying to be patient.

Love you,



Nov. 15th


Hey baby, sorry it’s taken so long to write. Came back after our Halloween weekend and jumped into mid-terms and finishing papers. Uuggghhh!! Halloween was a blast! I can’t believe I let you talk me into dressing up like Raggedy Ann and Andy, how cheesey.  The guys are still razzing me about our couple costume. When you get the pictures processed, please send me a copy.

I love you, sweetheart.  You are the only girl in the world I would go out in public dressed like a boy doll for (makes your heart warm, doesn’t it).

The next few weeks are going to get a little crazy, forgive me now because I really need to dig in until Thanksgiving and study. MUST DO WELL! Promise I’m not ignoring you, just need to focus.

Tell me all the news from your end. How is Jen and all of her adventures?

Love you,